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Our Dedicated Server and VPS management services offer expertise in installing, configuring, optimising and securing Linux servers. These services, available to customers with or without server management experience, can be outsourced to save costs. Although it involves a lot of work on the part of our experienced administrators, charging is based on the time required for each task. Our offer, which does not differentiate between servers and VPS, includes plans for one-off interventions or regular maintenance. Services can also be offered to customers with servers in other data centres.

Benefits for your business

Lunar Subscription




2 hours / month


99 € / month




4 hours / month


179 € / month




10 hours / month


449 € / month

One-off Intervention




2 hours


99 € / date




50 € / hour

Choose management options on a new order or from the customer account for existing servers.
How do Management Services work?
  • Lunar Subscription

    With these plans we provide you with a number of hours for interventions each month.All servers and services benefiting from this plan include 24×7 proactive monitoring and intervention services.

  • Start-Up Plan

    Contains all the configuration, optimisation and security operations carried out when purchasing a new dedicated server/VPS.
    Under this plan, we will perform all the configurations requested by you, we will install and configure the control panel requested, we will migrate the hosted sites from another server, we will optimize the main services used in relation to the requirements of the installed applications / hosted sites.
    Once all agreed operations have been completed, we will support you during the first 2 weeks in identifying and fixing any problems that may arise.

  • Ad-hoc Plan

    With this plan we support you in solving one or more specific problems.
    The rate is per hour (divisible by 30 minutes) according to the Ad-hoc plan.

What will I receive assistance for?

The beneficiary of a management package is entitled to receive support for the programs, applications and operating systems listed below. Operating systems, programs and applications that are not on this list are classified as unassisted.

You will receive technical support for the following operating systems:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, Almalinux, Rocky Linux, Ubuntu, Debian

You will receive technical support for the following Control Panels:

  • cPanel/WHM, Webmin, DirectAdmin

You will receive support for the following Linux applications:

  • Linux Kernel and package management supported by the installed distribution
  • Apache, Apache-SSL, Additional Apache Modules, Litespeed, Nginx
  • PHP, PHP Additional Modules, Ruby and RoR, Perl, CPAN & Perl Modules
  • Sendmail, Postfix, Exim, Qmail, Vpopmail, SpamAssassin & Anti-Virus
  • ProFTPd, vsFTPd
  • MySQL & MySQL Mirroring, MariaDB, PostGreSQL
  • SSH, rSync, IpTables, CSF, APF Firewall, IPVS Load Balancing
  • bind, PowerDNS Authoritative Server & Recursor, djbdns
Services for which assistance is received:
  • installing applications from the list with the standard configuration;
  • Upgrade applications between minor versions;
  • Basic application configuration changes;
  • Using Control Panel applications to make system changes or updates;
  • Tracking issues with log files;
  • Finding and fixing load problems;
  • Firewall rules update;
  • Installing SSL security certificates;
  • Restoring services/applications;
  • Emergency investigation in case of a “kernel panic”;
  • Standard server/site move;
  • Analysis in case of a system problem and recommendations;
  • Custom kernel builds;
  • Prevent and fight SPAM;
  • Performance settings and general optimizations;
  • Analysis of virus attacks;
  • Checking and optimising security parameters.
Problems covered by assistance:
  • Website publishing, access and transfer problems;
  • System file and dial-up issues;
  • Apache configurations (virtual hosts etc.);
  • Access and use of SSL;
  • Server side includes (SSI);
  • Use of .htaccess file (directory protection etc);
  • Interpretation of log files or statistical reports;
  • Problems receiving/sending messages;
  • Mail server settings;
  • Standard mail client settings (e.g. Outlook);
  • Filtering and blocking of messages (Anti-spam and anti-virus measures);
  • Firewall settings or “hosts.deny” blocks;
  • Control panel access problems;
  • Domain name and DNS (registrations etc);
  • Problems with FTP and other file transfers;
  • Problems executing CGI scripts (without programming);
  • Problems executing Perl and PHP scripts (without debugging);
  • Use of “CGI wrappers” such as suExec and CGIWrap;
  • Database problems (corrupted connections, privileges and tables);
  • Shell access (SSH and Telnet);
  • Permissions or properties of files or groups;
  • Common commands and utilities;
  • Service restarts (e.g. Web Server);
  • Restores from backups;
What will I NOT get assistance for?

Technical assistance does not and cannot cover the beneficiary’s proprietary applications or other software applications purchased or rented by the beneficiary from third parties. Specifically, it is about the following issues not covered by technical assistance:

  • PHP, Perl, ASP, JSP and other programming troubleshooting;
  • Programming problems not related to server configuration;
  • Any other problem not mentioned in the “Problems covered by assistance” section;
  • Upgrading, installing or troubleshooting, programs and applications that are considered unsupported;
What if they still request assistance for applications that are not included on the list?

You, as a Beneficiary, can apply for assistance for programs and applications not included in the assistance list. The decision whether or not to respond to the customer’s request will be at the discretion of our technical staff, who will respond to the order. If the technical staff responds to the request, CHML Web Services as Provider will not accept any responsibility for the outcome. By requesting/applying for technical support for programs and/or applications not included in the support list, you understand that your technical staff may not have adequate knowledge to perform the service correctly and within a reasonable time frame.

Supplier shall have no obligation to repair, reinstall or correct damage caused by the technical team in attempting to respond to requests for software and applications not included in the support list. In addition, the time allocated to resolve issues caused by our team in trying to respond to requests related to programs and applications not included in the support list will be deducted from the time allocated to the technical support service or billed separately.

The Provider may at any time refuse to respond to requests for support for programs and applications not included in the support list.


Frequently Asked Questions Administration

Start-Up Plan is a unique service that includes the configuration, optimisation and security of a new dedicated server or VPS. This includes all the configurations required by the client, installation and configuration of the control panel, migration of sites from another server and optimisation of services according to the requirements of the installed applications. Ad-hoc Plan is a service that offers support in solving one-off problems for a fee per hour. Monthly subscriptions (Bronze, Silver, Gold) offer a number of management hours included each month.

Support is provided for a variety of Linux operating systems, Control Panels and applications, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, FreeBSD, Fedora, Debian, cPanel, Webmin, DirectAdmin, Apache, PHP, Sendmail, ProFTPd, MySQL, SSH and more. Support is also provided for various issues and operations, including installing applications, updates, configuration changes, monitoring issues via log files, troubleshooting loading issues, updating firewall rules and installing SSL certificates.

Technical support does not cover programming issues not related to server configuration, such as PHP, Perl, ASP, JSP and other programming issues. Also not covered are any other issues not mentioned in the "Issues covered by support" section or upgrading, installing or troubleshooting programs and applications deemed to be unsupported.

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