Connect to the future: Secure and efficient colocation for your business!

Your professional server space

Your server, whether personal or for business applications, finds its perfect place in one of the data centres we work with: our own data centre or M247 partner data centre. You benefit from redundant BGP networking, protection against voltage fluctuations and controlled humidity and temperature conditions. Plus, the costs are lower than keeping your server at home or in the office, giving you more security and speed. Our support team is available around the clock.

Key benefits of server colocation

Colocate servers

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There is the possibility to advertise own classes on the CHML AS or create a BGP session with the client AS.
Connection speed, allocated bandwidth, allocated subnet and power consumption can be configured at the time of placing the order.
Full Utilities, Transparent Costs
A colocation service offering reliability and round-the-clock support for your equipment.



Transparent costs

The monthly subscription will include all services, including energy consumption. No surprises!

Interface management

Your server's IPMI / Ilo / iDrac interface will be available 24x7 via VPN.

Band charts

You will have permanent access to the bandwidth graphs for each connection.


We offer 100% SLA on power supply for servers with 2 sources. 99.95% network.

High speed

We can offer connectivity up to 2 x 100Gbps per server.

Remote Hands

One hour included monthly of remote services, reduced costs for subsequent hours.

The reason for choosing our colocation services?

The listed price includes all utilities.

The subscription you pay includes all the essential utilities for uninterrupted operation, as well as constant access to your equipment’s internet network: UPS power and backup generator, cooling and internet access via redundant BGP network. There are no hidden extra costs. Technical support, available 24/7/365, is also included in the subscription. We wanted to highlight this aspect because some of the colocation service providers in the Romanian market promote low prices, but these may not include the essential facilities for colocated equipment: power supply and internet access. In other words, the low price at which the services are advertised may only include rack space, with electricity and internet connection charged separately.


Frequently Asked Questions Placement

Colocating servers in a professional data centre offers several benefits such as improved physical and cyber security, access to a high-speed network infrastructure, efficient and constant cooling, continuous power supply and 24/7 technical support.

A 99.9% SLA (Service Level Agreement) guarantees that network, cooling and power supply services will be available 99.9% of the time. This is an essential indicator of the quality and reliability of the colocation service.

Yes, we have 24/7 accessibility for your equipment, subject to prior appointment. In emergencies, access is granted immediately.

In emergency situations, such as a hardware failure, we allow you emergency access to the server to identify the faulty component. With your consent, we may attempt to identify/fix the problem.

No, the subscription price includes all the utilities needed for uninterrupted operation of your equipment: power supply, cooling, Internet access and 24/7 technical support. There are no other hidden costs.

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