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Finding the right domain for your online business is essential.


7.99 € / Year


10.99 € / Year


1.99 € / Year


33.99 € / Year

.ro domains (Romania)

Choose a .ro domain to strengthen your local presence and attract Romanian customers, highlighting your commitment to the local market.

International domains (.com, .net, .eu, etc.)

Register an international TLD domain to expand your business’s global visibility and reach a wider audience.

Generic New TLD domains

Discover new generic domains that reflect the specifics of your business, providing a unique and memorable digital identity.

Easy administration

Domains are managed directly from the customer account!

Discover Extensions Selection - TLD

In addition to traditional domains such as .com, .net, .org and local extensions such as .ro, there is a wide range of new domains (New TLDs) that reflect different industries, interests and locations.

TLD Perioadă Înregistrare Transfer Reînnoire Carantină Recuperare
.ro 1 an 7.99€ 8.99€ 8.99€ 90 zile 1.99€
.com 1 an 10.99€ 12.99€ 12.99€ 30 zile 109.99€
.eu 1 an 10.95€ 10.95€ 10.95€
.xyz 1 an 2.99€ 13.99€ 13.99€ 108.99€
.shop 1 an 33.99€ 33.99€ 33.99€ 30 zile 165.99€


What are the advantages of registering domains?

Fast registration

The domain registration process is easy and efficient.

Easy transfer

Moving your domain between providers is simple.

Automatic renewal

Automatic renewal for registered domains.

Centralised management

You can manage all aspects of your domain.


Technical support for. registration and administration of domains.

Increased security

WHOIS protection options and two-step authentication.


Frequently Asked Questions Fields

To register a new domain, you must first check its availability, choose the appropriate extension, fill in your personal information and make payment. After these steps, the domain will be registered in your name.

To transfer a domain, you need to obtain the EPP/Transfer code from the current provider, unlock the domain, make sure the contact details are correct and initiate the transfer to the new provider. The transfer can take between 5 and 7 days.

After registering your domain, you will have access to a control panel where you can manage all aspects of your domain, such as setting up DNS records, setting forwarding, updating contact information and managing the associated email address.

To enhance domain security, it is recommended that you enable WHOIS protection, use two-step authentication for control panel access, and monitor activity to identify and prevent unauthorized access or unintentional changes.

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