Your data security, our priority!

A guarantee of security

In the digital age, data security is essential. SSL certificates ensure that information transmitted between the server and the user is always encrypted and protected from unauthorised access. Here at CHML, we take our customers’ security seriously.

SSL Certificate:

*Web hosting includes free SSL certificate Let’s Encrypt.

Protection Software - Shield against threats

We use a suite of software to protect against malware and cyber attacks. Leading these tools are Imunify360, mod_security, CSF and CXS. They monitor and block any suspicious or malicious activity.

Regular Updates - Always up to date

To ensure that our systems are always up to date, we perform regular Linux kernel and system updates. We use CloudLinux, WHM and cPanel to keep our servers in top shape and provide the best possible service.

JetBackup - Full security for your files

We know your files are important, so we use JetBackup to ensure a robust and reliable backup system. You can rest easy knowing that your data is safe.

VPS Servers - Proxmox Virtualization Technology

For our VPS services, we use Proxmox, a market leader in virtualization. This allows us to provide a high quality, scalable and reliable service.


What are the advantages of web hosting?

SSL Certificate Included

We offer free SSL certificate for a secure and encrypted connection.

Advanced Protection

You benefit from Imunify360 for optimal protection against malware.

Firewall Robust

Network-wide protection with ConfigServer Firewall CSF and CXS.

Regular Updates

We provide Linux system updates and WHM cPanel.

Automatic Backup

Worry less with our JetBackup backup system.

Secure Virtualization

Our VPSs use efficient and secure virtualisation.


Frequently Asked Questions Web Security

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate ensures a secure connection between a web browser and server, protecting the data being transmitted. It is essential to protect sensitive user information and improve user trust in your site.

Imunify360 and mod_security continuously scan and monitor server files to detect and remove malware threats. They provide real-time protection, preventing attacks before they cause damage.

A backup is a backup of your data. In the event of an unexpected incident, such as a system crash or cyber attack, you can use backup to restore your data. Our JetBackup system performs automatic backups, ensuring that your data is backed up automatically. are always safe.

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